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... the website for Ardent Mills Bakery Resources. We are behind a variety of bread products. We make and market some under our own brands, which include Innkeeper’s Bed & Breakfast® and Oregon Trail® and we also work with some of the most prominent Bakery and Grocery companies in North America to develop and market the bread and grain products they sell under their own brands. Our goal in everything we do is to raise your expectations of what is possible in a bakery product—regardless of whose name is on the package. We believe in Bread for all & all for bread.

Innkeeper's 8 Grain & Seed Bread

Innkeeper's Healthful 8 Grain Bread is now Innkeeper's 8 Grain & Seed Bread. We reformulated the product based on years of consumer feedback desiring more whole grains and a smaller loaf/slice format. It now contains 19 grams of whole grains per serving compared to the 14 grams in the former recipe. We've also reduced the calorie and sodium* while maintaining the good source of fiber*. So far we've received some great feedback on the new 8 Grain Bread. An already great product has just gotten better.


Oregon Trail Raisin Bread returns to a single pack

Sam's Club has decided to return Oregon Trail Raisin bread to the single loaf instead of the double pack format. The single loaves are being shelved in the premium bread. If you can't find your favorite bread please ask an employee where they've moved to. As always, thank you for your support!


The Award-Winning Oregon Trail Raisin Cinnamon Bread

raisin bread awardIn September, our Oregon Trail Raisin Cinnamon Bread was selected for the Second Annual California Raisin Bread Contest by the California Raisin Marketing Board. A final bake-off took place October 9th & 10th at AIB (American Institute of Baking) in Manhattan, Kansas. For the student category, two grand-prizes were awarded. For the professional category, five prizes were awarded for Best Wholesale/Commercial Raisin Bread, and five prizes were awarded for Best Artisan Raisin Bread. One of our bakers baked the Oregon Trail Raisin Cinnamon w/ Vanilla bread, and took top honors for Ideas in the (professional) commercial category.  read more »»

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Bread is closely tied to religious expression and communion.

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