I'm looking for an Innkeeper's bread and can't find it anywhere?

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The Innkeeper's brand is exclusive to Costco Wholesale Co. Regional buyers decide what products are stocked in their locations. If you are unable to find an Innkeeper's bread you are looking for please contact Costco and let them know you'd like them to stock one of our breads. We'd love to have all our breads available to our customers.

usaCostco USAYou may contact Costco corporate through Costco.com ( https://http://www.costco.com/customer-service.html?cm_re=Common-_-Top_N... )
OR by phone at:
Costco General Member Services: 1-800-774-2678

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canadaCostco CanadaFor Canadian customers, please contact Costco Canada.
General Customer Service: 800-463-3783
Costco.ca Shopping Support: 888-426-7826