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Our delicious, high quality breads are carefully created using only premium ingredients. We offer a unique variety of gourmet breads sure to satisfy any appetite.

Innkeeper's Bed & Breakfast Bread is a Costco exclusive.
Note that it is up to the individual stores as to whether or not they carry our breads and what varieties they choose to carry.

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Innkeeper's Bed & Breakfast 8 Grain Bread

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8 Grain
Innkeeper's 8 Grain Bread

  • Made with 8 whole Grains.
  • Healthy and delicious!
  • Zero grams trans fat*
  • Low Fat* · No Cholesterol* · No Saturated Fat*
  • A good source of Fiber*, Iron*, Thiamin*, Niacin*, Riboflavin* and Protein*.

With wheat*, oats*, triticale*, barley*, amaranth*, flax, corn* and rye*... 8 whole grains! No wonder this bread is healthy. Our bread is more than nutritious, it is a delicious, flavorful bread. Great in any sandwich. Try it toasted with cinnamon and sugar.

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Innkeeper's Bed & Breakfast Apple Strudel Bread

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apple icon
Innkeeper's AppleYes...our Apple Strudel bread is Decadently Delicious! It is also...
  • A good source of Thiamin*
  • Zero grams trans fat*
  • Contains an apple in every loaf!

With an apple in every loaf you can really taste the difference. Great for breakfast or a snack, eat it toasted or right out of the bag. This bread also makes wonderful French Toast. Try it toasted with a scoop of ice cream on top!

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Innkeeper's Bed & Breakfast Cinnamon, Vanilla & Raisin English Muffins

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english muffins
Innkeeper's English MuffinsOur raisin english muffins are...

  • Low Fat* with No Cholesterol* and No Saturated Fat*
  • Zero grams trans fat*
  • A good source of Riboflavin* and Thiamin*

Whether for breakfast or a snack, these english muffins are so satisfying. Try them toasted with cream cheese or peanut butter.

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Innkeeper's Bed & Breakfast Blueberry Bread

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Innkeeper's Blueberry BreadYes...our Blueberry bread is decadently delicious! It is also...

  • Low fat*
  • Zero grams trans fat*
  • Made with real blueberries
This bread was only available in the southern California region as a seasonal item but is not currently available.
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Innkeeper's Bed & Breakfast Potato Bread

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Made with Whole Grain
  • 12 grams of Whole Grain per serving
  • 2 grams of Fiber per serving
  • Naturally low in fat
  • Zero grams Trans Fat

Innkeeper's Potato Bread offers the smooth and soft texture of regular potato bread with the added benefit of whole grain. This wide-pan, hearty potato bread is made with 50% whole wheat flour and is a nutritious alternative to white bread.

This bread is no longer available.
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