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Each loaf of Oregon Bread uses Oregon and Washington soft white wheat* and hazelnuts from Oregon's Willamette Valley. Together they help create the distinct and unique flavors Oregon Bread is so well known for.

OREGON BREAD can be found throughout the Northwest. It comes in two delicious varieties—Western Hazelnut bread and Stoneground Wheat* Hazelnut bread. Western Hazelnut bread is baked by and sold in stores supplied by the Franz Family Bakeries and select Safeway and Winco locations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Northern California. Stoneground Wheat* Hazelnut bread is currently only available in Safeway.
If you are unable to locate Oregon Bread, or any of our other brands, please complete a comment card at your local store or ask customer service. This will encourage your retailer to carry the product(s) you desire. Thank you for your support!

Gilliam County, located in north-central Oregon, is in the heart of the Columbia River Plateau wheat* growing region. It is known the world over for it's rich soil and outstanding soft white wheat*. The soft white wheat* grown in Gilliam County is the dominate wheat* variety grown in Oregon and is one of Oregon's leading exports.

The ideal growing conditions of the Willamette Valley make Oregon hazelnuts (also called filberts) the largest and most flavorful in the world. These nuts are not only delicious, but they are nutritious too! Just a quarter cup of hazelnuts is a good source of both fiber* and protein*.
Ninety-nine percent of all the hazelnuts grown in the US are from Oregon.

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An average slice of packaged bread contains only 1 gram of fat and 75 to 80 calories.